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This page dedicated only to my sweety legs. I take pleasure in photographing them in pantyhose, stockings, socks and just barefoot.

I know that you like to look at them and imagine, how you take off my stockings holding them only with your teeth. You sniff it aroma and after that your tongue caresses my sugar heel and moves slowly to my toes through my yummy sole... That's excite.

I do not provide any intimate services. Only photo, video and exciting stories. So get enjoy with my enticing legs and subscribe for my blogs.

On this site, you can find photos of my legs and also buy my paid photosets and videos.

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ID: mid_ft75

Cost: 10$

Description: Mistress in sexy black stockings and high heels is crushing strawsberries. I know, what you want to lick it from my shoes... (52 imgs)

ID: mid_ft74

Cost: 10$

Description: Mistress legs in juicy red pantyhoses. Retro style photoset. (57 imgs)

ID: mid_ft73

Cost: 10$

Description: Mistress legs in black fishnet stockings in bathroom. Yummy juicy soles... (45 imgs)

ID: mid_ft72

Cost: 5$

Description: Mistress in black stockings. Kiss and lick my soles slave... (32 imgs)

ID: mid_ft71

Cost: 15$

Description: Seductive legs of the Mistress in fashionable white tights in the park for a walk... (66 imgs)

ID: mid_ft70

Cost: 15$

Description: Mistress legs and soles in white-colored fishnet stockings. (60 imgs)


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